Homecoming 2008

We had a great time at Homecoming 2008.
This was the second year of our alumni Homecoming activities, althought it was the first year that included all the alumni from MCHS.  The first year we participated was 2007 and it was the 15-year reunion of the Class of 1992.  It went over so well and was enjoyed by so many, we wanted to open it up to all the Alumni and make it an annual event.  It was time that Homecoming at MCHS invloves the Alumni since that is what Homecoming is all about.
On Friday, October 3rd, several classes had trucks in the parade.  They were the Classes of 1983, 1987, 1988, 1992, 1993, and 1994.  We even had a Class of 1999 member that became an honorary member of the Class of 1993/1994 Truck for the parade.  Some classmates had their kids in the trucks with them and others were pulled in wagons by their parents behind the trucks.  All of us threw out candy to the crowd and I remember some silly string being involved as well.  Participating in the parade is so much fun!  We hope to have even more classes participate in it this year.
On Friday night, October 3rd, the alumni gathered in the South End Zone for the Varsity Homecoming Football Game.  The Class of 1983 had a seperate tent set up with tables and chairs to celebrate their 25th Class Reunion.  They had their own catered dinner from Big Daddy's BBQ in Metropolis and had a great time.  The rest of the alumni gathered in front of some smaller tents marking the different classes that were represented.  It was so nice to see so many different alumni from so many different classes represented at the game. 
Finally, on Saturday night, October 4th, the alumni gathered for a reception at Willy Jak's in Metropolis.  The backroom was decorated with Red, White, and Blue decorations thanks to Sherrie Burnham and Darby McMillen.  This was a perfect place to gather, eat dinner, socialize, dance, and reconnect with people some hadn't seen in years. 
You can view pictures from Homecoming 2008 by clicking on the link below: